Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 2-Reflections

How can you apply what you learn from the lessons today in the future?
Photoshop is use not to edit photos taken by camera but also allow us to use our imagination and to do the impossible. Photoshop was firstly developed to do minor adjustments to photo for printing until today when it become a widely use photoshop software in the world. Today's functions that we learntFirstly by using photoshop, in the future when we have photographs taken and maybe we need contrast or color selection, we can use the functions of photoshop to achieve these effects that we want. Secondly, if we are working as a digital painting artist, we can use photoshop to draw the stuffs. Examples are what we did during the lessons today where we use the various basics tools to edit and draw our drawings and then make it looks like we are in a fantasy land.

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